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   5S是什么航空?5S是利比亚全球服务航空,大智通国际空运公司是5S华南区一级代理,深圳总代理。全球航空服务集团(GASG)一家私营航空公司,成立于2003,它完成了它的第一个航空营运证2006年1月4日(A.O.C No 08/05)作为国际货运和客运航空公司。5S利比亚全球服务航空的业务是提供可靠,舒适和安全的空中运输乘客和客户,以及大量的相关服务
    5S全球服务航空提供包板包机服务,天天包板,舱位充足。欢迎广大新老客户朋友查询体验! 全球只要有机场的地方,就有大智通提供的空运服务. 
Global Aviation and Service Group (GASG) a privately owned airline, was founded in 2003 and it acquired its first Air Operator Certificate on January 4, 2006 
(A.O.C No 08/05) as an international cargo and passenger airline. GASG is in business to provide dependable, comfortable and safe air transportation to its 
passengers and clients, along with numerous related services。 
We are dedicated to making every flight you take with us something special。 
Your safety and that of your cargo remain our most important concerns. As an Aviation Group, GASG adheres firmly to economic and strategic criteria, focusing on 
the core competencies, while attaching overriding importance to quality and innovation, safety and reliability。 
One of the fastest growing airlines in Africa, the Libya-based company is unique in every way。 We're an extensive team of airline professionals with many years 
experience gained from leading carriers around the world. With a goal to think ahead and actively shape the future through innovation, efficiency and customized 
aviation solutions, GASG, no doubt, is taking aviation business to enviable heights. 
Our mission is to provide passengers and clients with comprehensive aviation solutions, offering real time, flexible and standardized services as total customer 
satisfaction is the result of the orientation towards quality shown consistently in all Global Aviation and Service Group's services。 This performance is 
characterized by the common goal of attaining quality and by the will to continually grow and improve both qualitatively and quantitatively in the highly 
competitive sector. 
Global Aviation and Service Group aspires to be number one in the aviation sector by, aligning itself towards the continuously changing needs of its clients and 
would be ones. We strive to be the market leader in quality while exclusively marketing services that secure our position and create a competitive edge for our 
passengers and clients through innovative handling。 
Global Aviation and Service Group aims for ultimate customer satisfaction. 
We see ourselves as a competent aviation partner who is able to solve any aviation or related problem or carry out any task efficiently, and who is able to 
implement these tasks reliably. This means that our highly motivated employees are always ready to take on the responsibility of fulfilling these goals. 
A decision is only as good as the information it is based on - that's is why we strive to provide our clients with the best information possible, using 
innovative, state-of-the-art IT software and tailor made programming, we ensure that you have the right information at the right time。 
To provide commercial aircraft management, airlines consolidation, aircraft booking, freight forwarding, ground services, including aircraft supervision and 
permits for passengers and cargo aircrafts throughout the world. 
To provide financial visibility reviews, fleet planning and determination of aircraft availability。 
To offer assistance in regulatory and administrative matters including operating rights and international bilateral issues and permits involving local Civil 
Aviation Authorities 
To ensure clients have the right idea about the environment so that the basic information on which business decisions are based is accurate。 
Our challenge is to ensure that we continuously improve the quality of our services and products。
Prompt arrival and departure Security of cargo
Professional advice and consultancy services to clients
Minute-to-minute information on cargo as well as tracking
Competitive rates
For lifting of over-sized cargo
Our well-maintained freighters and plances are handled by a service staff that is alwasy ready to assist you in every detail of your cargo freight.

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